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High-Energy Street Dance and Acrobatics Classes in Northampton

Explore different forms of dance and movement in our street dance and acrobatics classes. At The Mayhew School Of Dance & Performing Arts in Northampton, Northamptonshire, we offer an exciting range of supplementary dance classes in addition to our ballet classes, modern and tap classes,  and musical theatre classes. Get in touch today to register your interest.

Street Dance

Learn to dance like your favourite pop stars at our street dance classes. Increasingly popular with our pupils, our high-energy classes offers a mix of street dance styles that are age-appropriate for your child.


Take part in our acrobatics classes and develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Based on safe and effective progressions, our classes take pupils from a beginner pre-school level, including log rolls and somersaults, to advanced dancers’ movements that will see you tumbling effortlessly across the stage.

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We take pride in offering exciting street dance and acrobatics classes for our pupils.

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