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Modern & Tap classes in Blisworth & Northampton

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Modern Dance Classes

Modern classes cover all aspects of this exciting genre from lyrical and jazz through to contemporary, blues and commercial styles. Graded classes teach the building blocks of the style with both limbering and strengthening exercises alongside fun dance movements including isolations, turns, kicks and leaps. Pupils are entered for ISTD examinations at all levels from Primary to Advanced 2.

Tap dancing just for you

Tap dancing classes are a fantastic energetic and fun way for children to develop their musical rhythm and timing, whilst learning to dance in sequences. Our lively tap classes are a great way to learn about rhythm and timing, in a fun (and frequently noisy!) setting. Our pupils study the ISTD syllabus and are entered for examinations at all levels from Primary to Advanced 2.
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We offer a complete range of dance classes available to both boys and girls. From ballet classes and musical theatre to street dance and national dance. Contact us to find out more.

Tap dancing

For further information regarding our modern and tap dancing classes or to find out more about us at Mayhew School of Dance and Performing Arts, please contact us today.
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Join our fun and lively modern and tap classes in Blisworth or Northampton
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